Hi! I'm Sajal

Hi! I’m Sajal.

Dreamer. Philosopher. Story-teller.

I write, I mean I try; sometimes people find the effort commendable, for me it always is. Someday, I hope to be paid for it. 

I think, a lot.

I enjoy observing people. I know it sounds creepy, but well, that’s one of the requirements of the job. I don’t really get the time anymore to sit under the tree and ponder for hours but I used to enjoy doing that.

I’m currently enrolled in an undergraduate course at DelTech University, New Delhi. You can find me somewhere around here, if you ever felt like meeting!

Music is divine, well most of it is. And I take pride in being able to have listened to many genres, over the course of my time here. I hope to continue to add more.

I read too, mostly fiction though. No favorites here, anything I can get my hands on!

Oh! Also, I was part of a six-member team which developed a hybrid electric two-wheeler; we showcased it at a Gridtech exhibition in ’13.

You can stalk me, here:                                                                             

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