30-day Challenge

Disclaimer: This is not an original idea. I’m not sure if anybody can claim to be the sole-proprietor of it either.
So, what happened was this.
I was in the middle of my examinations; this was actually the second exam but since I’m in the final year and there’s like only three theoretical subjects this time around, I was actually past the half way mark, when I decided that I wanted to look at TED. You know TED Talks. Now, it’s not that I hadn’t seen any in the past; I had, quite a few of them infact. But exams do something to our machinery, my machinery. And so, at around eleven in the night I began watching these talks. It was during one of these, that I stumbled upon the Do something new for the next 30 days talk. Now, I had already been introduced to the concept courtesy a blog post/page by Mr. Emberton; but hadn’t really had the balls to actually begin with it. It seems I’ve grown a pair in time.

Here’s the first one then.


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