So, the year has come to an end or rather, more correctly will come to an end in 03:10:00.

I haven’t been a real big fan of new year resolutions. I mean what’s the  point in wasting a whole damn day thinking about what you don’t like about yourself, then making a list, and then finally pressuring yourself into not breaking them. Which eventually does happen like in a day or at most a week or so. OK, maybe I’m generalizing, maybe I shouldn’t but I will nonetheless. SO, yeah I don’t like resolutions. I stopped making resolutions since I hit I can’t even remember which grade.

This is NOT a page about stupid resolutions; I can’t call them that. It’s about challenges that I’d like to beat.

I really do hope updating the progress here and letting it all out in the open will perhaps make me not treat them like resolutions.

  • Read a hundred books                              <Current Progress>
  • 30-day Challenges                                       <Current Progress>
  • Write that damn novel                             <Current Progress>
  • Travel alone to atleast one place        <Current Progress>

OK, that’s all I can think of right now.


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