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Day Fifteen: Voice

The Voice
At the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Why did we invent language?

To diminish boundaries, or the other way around?

All religion is serene;

It’s we the people, who’ve sort of forgotten

Why we created religion in the first place.

It’s us, always been us,

Who downgraded one religion, or the other;

Ours was always the better one.

We fought wars,

We conquered.


Day Fourteen: The Hungry Man/Dog


He looked hungry.
He did.
But he had no money.
He could not buy.
He could not eat.
And so he sat, dejected at first
Then he grew in hope
As he saw others just like him.
Maybe worse.

Then came the man, the big man.
He bought a pack of cookies.
Tasty cookies.
He salivated.
He slowly moved towards him.
It was difficult.
But hunger was worse.
And so he moved, and then sat
On the man’s porch.
He sat, looking. In anticipation.
The big man had the whole pack to himself.
All he wanted was one, maybe two cookies.
He wasn’t asking much, was he?
He was being reasonable.

Ask though he did not.
He sat there, looking. Waiting.
He grew tired soon.
The cookies.
He could smell them.
And so he began wagging his tail.
He did the best he could.
He spoke as nicely as he could.
He did all the little tricks he knew.

The big man noticed him now;
And threw him a cookie.
He grabbed it and swallowed it down.
There was no savouring the taste.
Then something happened.
He got another cookie, and then another.
The big man must be in a good mood today he thought.
Jumping around. Eating all he could.
Soon, others came. Others like him.
They had smelled the cookies.
There was some competition. But no fight.
They were all hungry.

There was one last cookie left.
The big man held it in his hands.
It was almost gleaming.
Others had left.
This one was for him. The last one.
And so he stood. Waiting.
The big man threw the cookie down.
And just as he approached it;
The man kicked the cookie, away from him.
He rushed not sure what was happening.
But the master was faster.
He kicked the cookie again.
And again. And again.
The big man was laughing. And kicking.
But he did not care. He wanted the cookie.
It was his.
And so he kept playing. Running.
Getting there just in time to see the cookie getting kicked off again!