No Pressure, Really!

Stuck!We are different; we’ve been wired that way. How we think, how we respond to situations defines us. And hence, what might work for some, might not for some. It’s plain genetics.

Wondering where I am going next with this?

Like usual, here’s a slight recap:

The first three years of my time at one India’s prime educational institutions have culminated into utter absurdity. For those who are having difficulty in understanding or absorbing what I just said, sample this: one of the prime benefits of good higher education in this country means or rather is measured by the salary you get when you get placed. No it’s not knowledge, really! But then again, I do not intend to say I learned a particular great deal much but just am not eligible for placement. That too, might not be entirely my fault; remember when your professor analysing your research paper states that you need to buff up on the numericals, even though your project was not at all a single bit about that; you should, at that very moment get a hold of yourself.

Okay, enough of this education v/s knowledge thing.

Maybe, some other time, not now.

Alright so, I’m not getting a job it seems, and well survival IS one of the prime-most urges that we as humans are capable of, so I kind of need a job. And I kind of do need a job.

Next up, sometime in the months of February-March the next year, there is going to be held an examination; this one is called GATE. Many of you might be familiar with it. This particular exam now seems to be the next make or break thing for me. It feels as if I’m back in the JEE times. JEE again is another examination conducted by the same bunch of people. That too is one of the toughest exams on this planet perhaps.

So yeah, it’s around five or six months left for me to prepare the entire syllabus I haven’t somehow done brilliantly enough. There was this line I came up with a few days back (I keep coming up with these little things to sort of keep the self motivated), it went something like this: ‘In order to succeed in JEE, you need to prove to yourself that you’ve wasted the last three years of your life, more or less’

Enough with the beating around the bush, none of this has anything to do with the so-called recap I just gave, in fact the first few lines I wrote back when things were seeming a bit bright. It was back when I had posted a couple of posts, a little quickly given the rate at which I usually operate.

What I had wanted to say, back then, before all of this, was this, the following that is.

You must have, my fellow blogger, been through some pieces explaining the healthy ways to blog. Most of them were or rather more or less similar. The points which they stress on are mostly logical enough. But generalisation can be a bad thing, and hence, when they say blogging regularly or with routine is beneficial; despite of the fact that they are speaking logically and are in a way correct (I mean, posting regularly is obviously going to get you a regular and good following) but then, posting regularly in itself is a complex task.

There is no point in talking about mundane stuff; I mean nobody (well at least not me) would be interested in what you ate today!  

Quality is something which cannot be compromised! And hence, if you are too stringent regarding the routine you are bound to feel let down when the numbers are not there despite the effort.

Kurt Vonnegut talks in his book ‘Timequake’ about the presence of two sorts of writers in this world: those who write stuff in any order it comes to them, without too much discretion and then later on they go through all of the stuff and pick out the good stuff while deleting the rest; the other type, which he calls ‘bashers’ write stuff one syllable at a time, and unless they absolutely nail it, they do not move forward. He says women mostly belong to the first category, while men to the other. I wish the distinction were this simple; call me an eighty per cent basher.

So yeah, it can take me a while: a day, a month, an year perhaps before I come with the exact words I need, and hence following a time-table might just not be my thing.

He also talks about: equality, the economic aspect of it. You know equal wages to all kind of thing. I don’t think such a society is achievable or even desirable. I’ve been meaning to write something on the topic for a long, long time now.




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