Why I need to blog

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

A little background might help here: I have been on a sort of leave from the blog, and no it was not self-imposed or disciplinarian in any sense. I just had a bad time, physically; and then there was the all familiar: inertia.

Even after deciding many-a-times to implement this habit, perhaps to blog with at least some sense of regularity, I wasn’t actually able to achieve any: regularity that is. So, this is me, trying to persuade myself, trying to inspire, stimulate myself by justifying blogging to myself.

Now, that history part of the dialogue is out of the way, let’s concentrate on the whys!

Reasons to blog:
  • I enjoy writing

I do, kind of like to write; create situations, characters, stories! But then, I am currently working on two independent and ideologically opposite projects. So, there’s no less or absence of writing here. Also, the fact that it’d soon be the beginning of placement season and preparations are still wrong overdue doesn’t help the matters.

Hence, just the fact that I enjoy writing alone, won’t help the matters I guess.

  • Discipline

All right, the fact that my life currently is not panning out as I had planned led me to think. And when I think; which I’m almost always doing, I come across facts (okay, not facts, mere observations), observations which are not usually favorable. So, this time I realized I was lacking in discipline, and well, it was one of the prime reasons for me to consider blogging regularly and one of my chief weapons against inertia.

  •  Escape from stagnation

The projects that I’m currently working on involve sitting for long times, thinking about characters, story development, history, other than the actual writing part and hence, I need to blog. To escape from the sameness of it all, to explore new ideas, new thoughts as I blog on!

  • Continuity

To maintain, perhaps, a sense of continuity as there are days: many of them in fact, when I don’t write a thing; partly because I’m wondering about the story-line, partly because of inertia, partly because of other assignments.

  •  Interact

And, finally to interact, to communicate I need to blog; because after a while there are no new comments, no new faces, just the familiar set of people who follow the development of a longer project, but when you blog there’s a chance to interact with new sets of people with almost each new post.

Interests vary, and you never can be sure, what might stick with whom!

So, here I am in need of communication, some fresh interaction. Feel free to join in, I’d be more than interested in knowing your reasons to blog.



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