Daily Post: 1984 (Of Emptiness and Vastness)

Infinity (Source: Deviantart/soho42)

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.”

Fear is a psychological phenomenon, it’s all up there: in the brains. So, if and when I get thrown into a room and the door is closed behind my back; there’d be two things I’d be afraid of: infinity and void.

It’d be poetic to say I’m not really afraid of anything in the world but the fact is there’s probably a million things in the world I’m scared of. For instance, there’s snakes, bugs, tigers, predator, alien, freddie, jason, etc, etc, etc. But well fear towards them is generated on a more instantaneous (face-to-face) basis. Each one of them is particularly dangerous and I’d be shitting my pants if I was locked in a room with one. That said, none of these would be as torturous for me as being locked off with myself.

Emptiness, void is scary. Nothingness automatically puts creativity in charge. So, yes I’d be scared of me. I’d be scared because soon after (being thrown in) there’d be a realization: a realization that this door could remain closed forever. That in itself is enough to drive any man crazy and boy when the mind decides to start playing it’s tricks!

Infinity is the other thing that’d be scary I guess. A room with no boundaries, no walls, no seeming end would provide just that little bit of hope that would keep one up, so to say. There’d be no sense of direction, time: the only assuration would be the ground beneath the feet!

This ends my description; description of my fears; how about yours, eh?



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