Mistakes we make!

We make mistakes, quite often than not; mistakes with people I mean. Lack of conversation is the most prominent one. There are many reasons to it. I’ve written earlier about one, expectations, that is. We expect people to behave a certain way and when they don’t things go downhill from there on.

Where do expectations arise from?

We see people in our molds; what we don’t see is our mold fits us and only us. Comparing one man to other is just wrong, wrong on so many planes. It’s a common mistake which I, for one hope all of us make; not because it’s a good thing to be making the same mistakes all over again, but because I do this.

In my circle, I’m the only person connected to literature, not exactly though, but it’s a good approximation nonetheless. So, when it came to making plans for the upcoming Jaipur Literature Festival, I as expected went ballistic. It was the last year repeating itself all over again. I for a moment, failed to realize none of them had the slightest interest in literature. I for a moment wanted them to be me; or at least a part of me.


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