Nobody woke me up, I’m up any ways!

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Ok, doesn’t exactly look like this!

Here in Delhi winters have finally arrived, and I happen to have a hot cup of coffee waiting for me back at the desktop table. Hence, this will be short; though the coffee won’t be the only reason keeping this one short.

So, the exams ended a few days back; practicals will continue till the twelfth. Also, the hits on the blog have reduced to single figures. That’s explainable, no fresh posts here and hence.

I’ve been busy.

The other reason, I referred to earlier as to why this one will be fairly short, is this. This post is not about anything I want to talk about; it’s rather about me wanting some advice. I’ve been busy. Did I already say that? I think, I did, yes!

Change, just for the sake of it can’t be good, ever; but change for betterment is not only good but also inevitable at times. I’ve been thinking about changing some stuff around here for quite some time now. The menus, layout, the works.

I’ve been busy with practicals. I think I said this earlier too.

And finally, and more importantly, I’ve been busy doing what I love, writing fiction! 🙂

This is where I could do with some advice.

Web is huge, I mean it is HUGE! You are always bound to find some audience. That’s agreeable. What I’m not too sure about is whether there’s any substantial audience for fiction on blogs. People do download e-books, there are reading/writing communities; but still.

I looked around. I found ‘Smashwords‘ and there was this other site, I was already a member of, I’m not really remembering it’s name currently. I have more or less zeroed in on ‘Smashwords’, but I’m still to reach absolute surety.

So, here’s my question, finally: Should I go for Smashwords and publish my first ever e-book, or should I hold back as this is a sort of fun-longish-short-story ?

Oh crap, the coffee!


2 thoughts on “Nobody woke me up, I’m up any ways!”

  1. Hey, nice to see you back. But I am afraid I can’t give you any advice on your query. Go with your gut feeling. All the best for that stint in fiction writing.

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