Wake me up, when November ends!

The thing with rumors is, they can be true some times.

The one doing the rounds these days is regarding the end semester examinations. It goes somewhat like this: ‘End-sems start November 16th’. Hence the need has arrived to go into hibernation for the month, half a month in pre-exam pressure, the rest in during-exam pressure!

And the thing with pressure is, either it makes something burst or reduce or move or whatever. Writing requires; rather does not require pressure situations, and hence, the hibernation and no NaNoWriMo, I was planning to jump into it this year around once I’d got a wind of it, but once I got to know it was to be held in November, I realized it has to be put on hold for another couple of years.

There is not gonna be much posting during the time, though I think I’ll try to finish at least one of the seven stories that are stuck since a month or so, the ones stuck for longer, I guess will need to be dumped once the hibernation is over.

So. I guess this is the Goodbye time! 😀

Be back in a month or so!


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