History repeats itself

Nitesh Chaudhary belongs to the 2K10/EEE batch of the Delhi Technological University/ Delhi College of Engineering. He many-a-times happens to board the same metro as me and that does lead to some fruitful-mostly-political discussions. He also has a knack to find people to debate with other than his batch-mates or people from his university or any other college for that matter. He doesn’t really blog, though he could be found here.

In this post he talks about the UPA, the opposition and the IAC. Read on.


English: India Against Corruption - Protestors...
English: India Against Corruption – Protestors in Pune,India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the latest economic reforms from a battered UPA, one fails to speculate how the government would traverse the next two years in the media‘s relentless quest to reach a conclusion. The government, for one, made a history in its incumbent eight years rule by showing its dexterity in not just plundering the nation in scams but by never taking a stand on its involvement in the same. This surely proves two points, one that the Opposition is at an all-time low for it is even weaker (read ‘unpopular’), that it has been unable to hide, than the government, openly criticized by the public, and two, that the UPA has really good men at  job.

No doubt we trust all our politicians to be as ‘good’ as other for their glibness when it comes to ‘corruption’ or ‘no-development’ policies or their justification, but the present government sets an example for the politicians’ grand and great grand children(read future politicians) of basking in the corruption’s warmth with no worries of sunburns. The Opposition which is in its worst ever crisis with no clear leadership and with all aspiring leaders have been poked every time they tried to take an advantage of the government’s weaknesses. Hence, the most creative solution in recent trouble times for the UPA, with Corruption-crusader, IAC taking the limelight- ‘sit quiet and watch the fight’. The possible reason for the opposition to resort to this terrible numbness, it seems is, their goose bumps as they see themselves as the next party to lead the nation. So what is actually silence seems empathy for the UPA. But that does not stop the IAC from making open claims of possession of proofs and even display in the media against the purported disproportions within the UPA. With private-enterprises of the size of DLF being challenged in the face, the movement has earned discontent within the high echelons, if not a support from all masses, as was speculated.

The ‘grand men’ in the government deserve a special mention in IAC’s history books for the future generations for being the Colonial rulers in Indian skins. The men have implemented the ‘division-policy’ (based on caste, religion, and ethnicity) and the ‘plunder-policy’ with utmost perfection. And if you speak ill of it (actually elucidate the facts), you may well bank upon landing into jail for the trivialities of even making a cartoon. The appalling moment among all concerns not the political parties but us. I fail to understand the limits of our patience. If a commoner in the west were told of our Rulers, he surely deserves our sympathy (and not the opposite).

The law and order test, in my views, is passing through a crucial time in difficult contours, and the present day spectators shall be hopeful for a better outcome in days to come. A brief quote from an opposition leader epitomises my views on the same-” The country today is ruled not by laws, but by in-laws.”


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