Grey Pebbles

‘Victory’ (English), ‘Sieg!’ (German), ‘फ़तह’ (Hindi) were some of the words going through my mind as I was going through “Grey Pebbles”, last Thursday. Grey Pebbles is a blog by my dear, (ok, dear is not the word, what do you call ‘doggie’ in Sanskrit, ‘कुक्कुर्’ or ‘कूत्रिये’) friend’s newly founded blog on WordPress. The idea behind the blog is simple enough; some write fiction/poems, some are travel-blogs, some are techie blogs, some personal ones; this one is a journal. Some bloggers write for their audiences, some write because it’s a passion, for some the blog acts as a stage for showcasing the blogger’s work, this कूत्रिया friend of mine writes just for the heck of it!

It took me around half a year of constant persuasion, scolding and nagging to get him to put whatever little he had written till date on web, in a blog. So yes, that feeling of having conquered something can’t be taken away from me! 😀

The journey has been a tiring one, irritating too at times; I mean, imagine encountering the same wry smile followed by a ‘No!’ to the question, ‘Is your blog up today?’ It was like this ever since I had put up my blog in the first place, and Sharma (my *dear* friend) had told me he would be putting up his, soon! That soon took around 5-6 months to furnish! 😀 It was well punctuated by a ‘Sharma, and blogging? Good joke!’ or ‘The day Sharma starts blogging, it’d be the end of things as we know!’ All this while, I defended my man, quite frankly because I was tired of being the only blogger/writer in my group!

A day or two before the blog came into existence, Saurabh shared whatever he had written on Google docs with me, and I was pleasantly surprised. He had been keeping a fairly regular account; and some of it appealed to me! I remember him asking, ‘I don’t think I should put up a blog; there won’t be many readers for it!’ and me replying him, in as much of a matter of fact manner as I could, ‘If you want to write for others, why bother!’

This has been my working principle over the years for most of whatever I’ve written (mind the word ‘most’; some post/thoughts require that the audience be communicated with). And it works out pretty well too. Writing remains one of the major vent-out mediums for me, even though most of my venting out doesn’t see the light of the day due to it’s *raw* nature!

The moment you start writing keeping in mind the audiences, you can’t really express as freely as you could’ve, and the satisfaction, the satisfaction ceases to exist! So, the reason you started out to write that does cease to exist somewhere in the middle.

I hope I didn’t make it look like too much of a promotional post! 😀

Cheers to me, for introducing a new person to the blogosphere!  Happy times ahead, eh, Sharma? 😀


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