Zombie Land

The biggest contribution, the hugest impact, (positive that is) that we, humans (as a race) have been able to have on the world in my view is MUSIC. Apart from that, there’s nothing that will live through; it’ll all just fade, decay and eventually die. There’s been wars, great wars; massive buildings, big ships, rockets, missiles, huge telescopes, fast cars, bullet trains, supersonic jets, bridges, television, some really glorious cinema, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. None of that will stay. We’re an imperfect lot, done more damage than good. The way I see it, we’re just another milestone on the evolutionary road. Whether or not we’ll survive swings on a needle’s tip, so to say. Come to think of it, nature has its own way of balancing out things and with each passing day, I feel more and more inclined to believe that the human race is more likely to perish soon, or at least most of it.

An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, the humans evolved from apes; I suppose a more intelligent, evolved race is long overdue. How that will happen is the more exciting part as it requires, well, the most speculation.

There are many alternatives to it from let’s say, the massive destruction from a meteor/asteroid or a nuclear bomb to the comparatively slow ice age. But then, many of these scenarios are equally and highly unlikely. And then, there’s the Uncertainty Principle. It would have sure been fun talking in detail on each one of them; like for example, how a nuclear bomb would not only remove a particular are from world map, but also trigger climatic changes resulting in an extended winter, a nuclear winter, stretching over a time period considerably long enough to freeze out more or less every living tissue present on the planet. But no, this is not about all that, maybe later; this one, right here, right now is about Zombies/The Infected/The Walkers!! Oh yes, it’s happening!!

The word Zombie rings a bell somewhere, doesn’t it? Slow/fast moving, flesh munching, can smell alive meat from a while, respond to even the slightest of sounds, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. As a movie buff, and having been a fan of zombie-bashing viz-a-viz, The Resident Evil franchise, Zombie land, and some more zombie-based games/movies; there has always been one particular common element which always got me interested: ‘How, in every movie, while most of the population gets turned some people always end up in the non-affected category?’ (There are exceptions to this, like 28 Weeks Later, the latest one being The Walking Dead)

Let’s leave that to the writers/movie-makers to ponder over. Anyways, I guess I was again traversing into non-related category. Here’s how I think it’ll happen (It’s factually from a season on Discovery Channel). Imagine at one of the busiest airports a virus gets introduced, also the virus is air-borne. The virus could be something that incites aggression/violence/sensory abilities/hunger. It’d be virtually impossible to stop the spread and it won’t be easy to isolate it either. By the time they’d know what they’re dealing with; humanity would have suffered its biggest calamity till date. There could be variations as to how it’ll all go down; but it’s as good a speculation as any!

Governments and Regimes, the world over are busy planning and re-planning solutions to their till date non-existent tipsy-bitsy problems/scenarios. Nobody seems to acknowledge that we’re on a clock here. There’s no surety over what might happen tomorrow! I wish I be alive by the time nations unite; some friendlies from outer space contact us! 😀 But for that to happen, leaders need to unite, leaders need to share, and boundaries need to be bridged! Because pooling the resources is the only way the race can survive. Otherwise, we’d be the next chimps!

Time is ticking away! Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock!


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