A pint of Power, a hint of love…..(The Brutality)

Here begins an enthralling yet mysterious journey that entails a pint of power and a hint of love. Enjoy.

“What the F$%%?” he screamed. “Why the hell did you shoot him? Oh! Crap his brain is hanging out. Holy Lord!”

It was month of November, year 2010. It was a Friday night. There was a party at a beautiful farmhouse in Avon, Colorado. The lush yet tender lawns were fenced with bushes along its perimeter and an immaculately designed architecture in the middle of its vastness.

There was blood on the ground, which encapsulated the head of a man. A man whose brain was blown with a shot from a Benelli M4 12-gauge shotgun. He was wearing a soiled black suit, clumsy bow tie and a white shirt which had been torn out at certain places. His belt buckle was partially open, his hoes and some part of his pants were heavily soiled. It was quite a graphic sight.

“What should have I done?” she said holding the shotgun with an expression that showed that she didn’t like what she saw.

“F!@#”  She held her sweaty forehead still holding the shotgun on the other hand.

“All right…. Steven…..come on let’s just hide this f!@#$%^ douche.” she said

“What the hell are you talking about. I’m not touching him……I’m freaked out already….” screamed Steven.

“Argghh…!!” She looked around. “Okay…Okay….now listen just calm down….and don’t f!@#$%^ shout.” she said that last part through her gritted teeth. She went into the garage. Grabbed a gasoline canister and poured it on the guy looking at the starry night sky with his eyes that were way wide apart.

“Just get back….Get BACK….you idiot…!” she forced Steven away from the dead gentleman and she shot the body in the belly.

“Oh my God!….You crazy lady…You psycho…what the f!@#…..Holy Sh…” Steven started screaming as the body started to burn.

“Shut up!…you idiot….stop screaming or I swear to God I’ll tear your head apart too..” She shut his mouth with her hand and he subsided although his eyebrows were raised and he was panting heavily.

“What is happening over there?….What the f!@#?….Look smoke…..Oh! Crap!”

“It’s maybe the same place where the sound of the shot came from….”

They heard hurried footsteps advancing towards them from behind the big bushes beside the garage. There was a Ford Explorer parked in that garage. She leapt onto it’s driving seat.

“Hey Steven, come on in!…” she shouted at the astonished poor man. She hot wired the car and stepped on the gas feverously. She drove out on to the road when Steven poked his head through the window to continue his viewing of the unbelievable sight he was witnessing. As he was, he saw three men and two ladies with pitchforks and baseball bats emerging out of those bushes.

They saw him and yelled, “Hey!….Hey!….Stop you son of a b!@#$…Stop”

One of the guys followed the car for a while on road and then gave up.


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