The Ranchos and the Silencers

So, the results came out a while back.

Though, there was a bit of surprise involved yet it might prove to be the best thing to have happened in the past four semesters. It was bad. But then, it got me thinking, thinking about the Ranchos and the Silencers.

The Silencers, well, they exist and that too in numbers. They get the grades, should be getting top-notch jobs. The same group might then go on to buy the Lamborghinis and what not! But what about the Ranchos?

3 Idiots was a nice movie, but well, in the end it was just that; a movie: fiction. I don’t think Ranchos can survive in this great Education system of ours. The novel in that matter, was closer to reality.

Ah! So long from writing, and this is my first blog post! 😀

Life’s funny!


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