What is it?

How do you define it?

Can you actually ever, be in control?

Answers. Life is but, a quest for the answers to some questions, some trivial, some not so.

All your life, control, is one thing which you wish to achieve. Days, months, years of planning, one small distortion, and it all falls down in one big rubble.

Consider an example, since I’m a student, I’d like to keep it to a basic level.

Consider the first twelve years of your student life.

All the labor, the sleepless nights, that toil, all of it to be tested during one particular interval.

You’ve given it your all, you scored an impregnable 95 in your pre-boards; but, days before the actual examinations, you catch a disease, or are in an accident, what happens of all that labor?

So, all this while, when you were in control, you weren’t actually in control! You were under the impression that you were in control.

The Illusion of Control.

Life becomes pretty simple, if you shed this illusion.

This obviously is not to advocate passivity. No! This simply knocks out the result-oriented methodology to life, to work, to problems; reinstating the path-oriented methodology; which, in my view, is better of the two.

All this points to the happy way of living life. Yes, again, something, you can relate to me!

I’m an advocate of happiness, life’s too short to hold grudges, worrying too much, about past, about future.

When you realise, that there’s not much in your hands, all you can do is work; things get simpler, really simple. The solution to most of the problems, are usually simple, very very simple in fact, something I realised a few days back!

Last words, shed the illusion. Live it full on! And don’t forget to say, with the roofs down, Where’s the party tonight?? 😀 😛


3 thoughts on “Control?”

  1. what you have advocated in reality is karma yoga of the Bhagavad Gita. While it is very difficult to do for most people, what is easier is an acceptance of any loss of control event like the illness before an exam. Being in control also need not be a bad thing. Because when you are, you might also be making alternative plans for some things just so that the control remains.

    And you haven’t related what you discovered that prompted you to come out with this philosophical post 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment. 🙂

      I agree. Being in control might not be such a bad thing after all! 🙂

      I would have shared the cause to this post, had it been a single event that’d triggered this small write-up, but as it happens there’s many.

      It was one of those ‘what’s happening with my life?’ days, and my father and I had a long discussion regarding it. Later, I was talking to a friend on the topic and she happened to have an alternate perspective. Before we could reach a conclusion, she left and hence I wrote this as more of a message than a post; hence, the seemingly incomplete post.

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