Meanwhile in ‘Nowhere’



‘When the day comes, Tommy, who would you choose amongst ‘me’ and ‘I’’ enquired Jack with his persistent sleeveless avidity, he had for anything but his own business, it bored him to death, he would say.

‘Jack it’s jus’ 11, have you been smoking up already?’

‘No!’ he replied almost reflexively, which affirmed the truth; or was it the anxiety of a lie? Tommy observed for signs, pretending he could read them.

‘So why all the strange-talking? Had a nightmare? Or trying to give me a nightmare in broad daylight? Whichever it is, put it on the shelf for a while. I’m starving, let’s go grab a bite.’

‘O.K.’ replied Jack submissively and jumped into his slippers.

‘Let’s go.’

‘Dafug dude! Put on some pants! We don’t want to scare away the ladies.’

‘Duh! It’s an engineering college! Need I say more?’

Tommy said nothing but stared at him for ten long seconds, it wasn’t rage but a sleek authoritative sense that usually swayed the ball in his court.

‘Alright padre! Thy will shalt be done.’


‘Get me a coke.’

‘Don’t you know, you can’t do drugs here? In fact you’re not of age to do drugs yet.’

‘haha! Very funny! Get me a friggin’ pepsi.’ Jack replied with a mocking laugh before he got off to check the lay of the land.

‘Hey there! I’m Jessica…. And you would be?’, now one think that when a pretty lady walks over to a guy and introduces herself, the natural male instinct would be to go ‘duh bu duh…’, but not with our guy, he had it in his genes to be a jerk 24X7, but of course he mocks the rest of his race in the overture.

‘my name is….my name is…my name is….’

And just when she was convinced that he’s stammering, he snapped the punch line.

‘Slim Slim Shady.’

‘Knock it off dude!’ Tommy barged in to save the day, ‘Hello! I’m Thomas and this is jerk.’

‘So I gathered.’ Jessica rejoined.

‘… I mean Jack. It’s nothing personal; he gets a bit timid around women.’

‘No, I don’t.’

‘You do.’

‘Do not.’

‘Do too.’

‘And she’s gone.’ Jack remarked giggling.

‘Its all your fault, you piece of turd, you indulged me in this stupid bickering.’

‘Oh you never had a chance with her; she was checking me out, ever since she stepped in.’

True that. Jack did have a way with women, but deliberately chose to be infamous. Weighing his chances Tommy realized he couldn’t disagree and had to let it go.


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