That face among the faces!

I looked up, at the blue sky

Took a moment, to let the aura fill in

Then moved in, through the gates, faces, barricades;

It all smelled nice, it all felt bright.

A whole myriad of faces, filled with laughter,

Hidden under paints,

It all seemed shallow, so pathetic!!

Someone, prominent, adorned the podium,

He spoke with great passion, great charisma!

All were awed, oh so struck!

They gaped at him, feeling so prudent!

It all seemed shallow, so pathetic!!

But then, it happened,

Pure magic! Pure coincidence!!

Struggling through masses, for a better vantage;

Instead I found someone else!

Under the shades of a majestic one,

With crossed legs, specs on head,

She sat jotting down little thoughts!

I stared, and stared, and stared, and stared;

Oblivious to the people, the speaker, the nature alike!

That strand of hair, which irritated her eye,

Those dark eyes, that flicker of nose;

That pen cap, badly bit!

She sat there, oh, so lost!!

Yet in her, I found familiarity!!

‘I’ve seen you somewhere!’, I repeated in mind;

Quickly dismantling the lameness in it all!

I thought again, putting a strain!

I’ve seen her, yes! In the train!

I remembered now! Imprinted in my head,

Pretty vivid! Her name, and age!

The details had brought some smile back then!

She had sit next to me,

The specs had been on the eyes back then,

The copy of ‘Brave New World’ had her notice!

I had wanted to say, ‘Hey! Hi! Hello!’

But had content with a blank face instead!

As I stood there, ruminating the past,

She came up to me with quite some haste!

‘Hey! I’ve seen you somewhere!’, she said;

‘Oh! Yes! Hey! In the train’, I said!

‘Anya!’, she said, drawing out her hand;

‘Sajal‘, I said, reaching for the same!!

This post is also published at the Indian Fusion and was selected as the ‘Editor’s pick’ for the week!

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