What is this happening?

What is this happening?
What is this happening?

Doors open, the clattered flock,

Storm the room, “I sit here go somewhere else”

Laughs and giggles ringing through the clustered dock,

Until the teacher enters the premises and yells,

The glare to the boy at the door and then the clock,

“What attitude does she wear!”


Poor lady she is,

She doesn’t know who slams the door,

She doesn’t know who flies the plane,

She doesn’t know who shouts to lure,

that attention of hers.


Stop this torture Oh! Lord, the pain,

its unbearable, so difficult, so gore,

Please stop writing on the board,

Because there is nothing, yes nothing we gain.


Who is this Cary Foster,

Poor guy doesn’t know he is turned into a rooster,

“Hunt for the medicine, I say,

The medicine for this blister,

So big, so vast, so boring, called studies mister!”


“Bingo, I struck the answer”,

“Oh! Yeah!.. Let me know how you solved it!”

“Aaaaa…..Well” Clouds of doubt becoming denser,

“See this is mam’s solution, this is how she paved it.”


“Hmm!! That’s cool!!, Shit I need to start,

Start removing the blood off this blister”,

“Hey, man you heard about this new ‘hot’ mart.”

“What are you waiting for, C’mon man make it faster.”


What is this happening?

Why is this happening?

Is this happening?

The confused mind inside the confused brain,

Thinks on and on but all in vain,

We sit still, nothing do we gain,

Studies is so much pain,

That we would better fain,

be declared mentally insane.



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