SHE was watching ME…..

SHE was watching ME.....
SHE was watching ME.....

Hello my friends, I am so overwhelmed,

That I just can’t stay on land,

For I am flying with happiness, with glee,

Because SHE was watching ME.


I was standing with my friends, having an argument so grand,

And I turned my head, to see,

The surprise that awaited, as if she got the errand,

And guess what, she was watching me.


My heart thus stopped, my head turned away,

The heart played tricks, because of that pony,

I smiled all along, I did want to stay,

But the argument closed and I straightened my knee.


She was waiting for someone,

I saw her again, her eyes gleaming from that distance,

Saw mine, swayed away and the magic was spun,

My mind was running and heart so tense,

All because she was watching me.


I stood up and walked, with fear, with glee

I did walk along, to see what her reaction would be,

Toward her I marched, my friends and me,

Before I made it there, she did panic and flee,

Proving Newton’s law number three.


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