That One Smile

The inglorious demon had a very bad day,

He was filled with regret and disappointment,

On this ironic day, his heart did lay,

Dead and cold as stone, but some warm drops did slant,

And slide along that mass of grey.


He was drowning in the sea of depravity,

Things were not the same, he was yearning,

He just couldn’t handle the gravity,

The grip that demonizes him, which is burning,

His soul and thoughtful, but short lived sanity.


His life was a compromise, yes a compromise,

One to prove that he was regarded and respected,

But his ignorance lead to his hearts painful demise,

Ignorant that respect had allied fear and regard, being dictated,

He is looking for a breakthrough, he wants to rise.


Under the hood of all that blackened truth,

Stale blood, clouded thoughts and ignorant actions,

The demon saw a smile, was it a myth?

Love is not, just that one beautiful smile,

Decorated the huge mansions,

Shrunk and locked in his heart,

Corrupted by that patronizing sheath.


She was an angel, maybe more than that,

If there was anything more beautiful,

The demon transfixed, immobilized, smiled and sat,

Away from her view, so that she doesn’t turn fearful,

Of his sight, of his actions, of the truth that he loved her, a lot.


Serenity defined, that one smile was,

Something he yearned to see,

Something that fills joy in his life,

Something that makes him forget his regret,

Something that gives him a reason to live for,

Something that makes him dream,

Something that shadows his infamy,

Something that makes him forget what people speak of him,

Something that makes him wonder about beauty,

Something that makes him realize affection,

Something that turns him divine,

Something that makes him feel human,

Something that makes him smile,

That one smile.


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