Why do I like Shruti Hassan?

Why do I like Shruti Hassan?
Why do I like Shruti Hassan?

It was just one of those normal, routine struck days in my life, when I stumbled upon a very depressing yet intriguing fact. Well, as I just love sitting idle and thinking, I was doing about the same, the only thing different here was that I was also in the mean time, waiting. Not waiting for a hallucinatory girlfriend, but for my order. I was sitting in a ‘dhaba’. I was looking at the traffic on the road lost in the brightness of the sun and I was thinking, Why do people like people?

Why do my friends like Megan Fox? For obvious reasons.

Why do my friends who are girls, like SRK? For Obvious reasons.

Why do I not like SRK? For Obvious Reasons.

Why do I still go and watch his movies? For obvious reasons.

Every liking has a pretty obvious reason. PRETTY obvious. Now, I came over to the depressing part of the whole notion, “Holy Lord, I don’t like any actress or actor! I never have any preference.” If the ‘acting’ is good, I like her, if not then liking is prohibited. Simple as that.

Why do we have preferences anyway? This was the intriguing question that slithered through my spine. If one has a liking for Megan Fox and you ask him why, he would say, “She’s hot man.” If a girl likes SRK and ask her why, she would say, “He is cute.” Liking has a reason. A reason, that you will detect just in a period of nanoseconds. You don’t have to know about her history or orientation, you just know you like her because she is “HOT.”

Now, you prefer to like someone. Cool. But how much do you follow him/her?  You download her wallpapers, listen to her music or watch her movies, reply to every tweet she sends on twitter, hope that someday she would reply etc etc etc. This is just like when you were a kid and that girlfriend you had with whom you would play “ghar-ghar” and you would follow whatever she does.

Preferences portray about your taste as a man or a woman. What kind of person you like? What are your inclinations towards your future partner and what expectations you have from them and also makes you forget all the love tangles and hassles you have had in your supposedly miserable lives.

How can we know what you actually are? It can be rated on the basis of your liking clubbed with the basis of your following.

If you like Priyanka Chopra and follow her on twitter and have read her book, you are likely to be a student inclined towards Humanities and your preference of a girl is likely to be someone more life like and simple, but have crazy hormones.

If you like Megan Fox and follow her avidly, you are likely to be inclined to the artistic field and your preference of a girl is more, modern, radical and giving more preference to ‘interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships.’

But if you have a preference that Megan Fox and Priyanka Chopra are s!@# hot, and you don’t give a s!@# what they do on twitter or watch their movies from your external hard disc and imagining things, then you are a f***ing perfect, “Engineer”.

Then I decided that I shall try and not ‘fall’ under such a category and I started to develop a liking for Shruti Hassan. Why? She is witty, intelligent, beautiful, sexy, ignorant, independent, hard working, driven by passion, multi tasking, single and she is bloody brilliant. She has this exciting tinge of pulling the earth away from under your feet in her character that is truly admirable in a woman, as it makes them look quite independent and strong from a ‘liking’ perspective. So, I started watching her movies and do all the other stuff normal people following her will do and expect.

‘Following celebs’ is not such a good phrase. It actually defines, ‘liking people’ for a reason, a reason which you find beautiful and satisfying. Some say, you falsify yourself by following or so to say ‘worshiping’ people, as they put it. But that is what makes us a human, makes us search for the beauty in our faith, even if it started with something unacceptable. To modify, “I like Priyanka Chopra because she is hot to I like her because she is bubbly and life like” or “I like Megan Fox because she is smoking hot to she has an extremely composed voice, she doesn’t sound like those high-pitched loud mouthed counterparts.”

This is how life rolls, liking is a part of it and it is the one that adds the essence to life, your maturity, your vision nurtures and beautifies it.


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