Stranded Isle

The sea has a story to tell,

Even in all it’s calmness…

The palaces that stood, oh, so firm once,

Even they, find themselves in ruins…


The sea has a feeble memory,

Impressions fading, in remembrance…

A case of constant change,

It’s face, a never-finished masterpiece!


In all her opulence, she stands there

Facing the sea, staring at the horizon,

Embroiled in a typhoon, she finds herself;

Arms inter-dwindled, eyes moist…


Another gust, a little fury,

The strands of her hair, end up adorning her face

Another string of waves, touch her feet,

Her corpse won’t move, nor her soul…


Those footprints left behind, Utter a cry beneath them;

Gliding towards them, holding those in hands,

Slips through her the acute pain!!

She stands dry, washed in the once, sanded palace…


A new dawn!

A new beginning!

A great new bout!!

She looks up, a feeble smile now adorns her lips…!



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